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The Team



Josh Lewsey MBE – Managing Director

Former army officer and city based management consultant, Josh is best known for his England rugby playing antics, including the 2003 World cup. He brings a wealth of contacts and experience in the delivery of high profile events. However he would prefer to be known for his real passions… country music, farming, local produce and generally playing about outside.


Tim Bawden – Business Development Manager

With over 20 years in the licensed trade, Tim has owned a bar and music venue for 13 years and has a keen eye for industry trends. His emphasis is on customer experience and creating the perfect event atmosphere. A proud Cornish boy, community spirited with a passion for live music and sport, Tim can often be found blue sky thinking and making sure no-one goes thirsty.


James Watson – Director of Hospitality

James, the youngest and most northern member of the team. A keen sportsman on land, sea and snow, James re-located to South West as an outdoor ed & surf instructor before settling into hospitality management. James is a people person. You’d be hard pushed to find him without a smile on his face and is always ready to ‘hug it out’.


Lee Stephens – Event Operations Manager

Lee is the man who makes the blue sky a reality. Well versed in the events industry, he has already tucked away 13 years of hospitality and 10 years of ‘hands on’ event management and production. And safe hands they are. Priding himself on listening to clients’ every need, he pays particular attention ensuring each of those details are delivered to perfection. When he isn’t busy making sure we all have a good time, Lee loves nothing more than spending time with his young family.

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