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About Us

Quality, Service and Choice. These are three words you will hear us use a lot.

We believe in bringing you the very best at a competitive price. Whatever the occasion, a wedding, sporting event, corporate function or celebration, we will create a unique and memorable event with flair, commitment and passion.


We want everything to feel that little bit extra special. All our suppliers have been specially chosen through our years in the hospitality sector, and our all-new stretch marquees are top-of-the-range. We know no two events are the same, but the things that never change are the standard of what we
offer or our commitment to quality.


We believe all our customers deserve VIP service, whether hosting a dinner party for 20 or a conference for 200. Our highly professional team of event organisers focus on understanding just what you want, and work closely with you to turn your vision into reality. Top quality service begins from our very firstcall, and doesn’t stop until the last guest has gone home.


Whether you are looking for locally sourced food and drink, up- and-coming bands, exciting entertainment or the perfect hidden location, our comprehensive collection of marquees and extensive database of suppliers offers you a wealth of options. We are always on the hunt for new and innovative ideas to give you something different.

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